Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Journey Thompson Road In The City Of Milton GA

One of my favorite areas of North Fulton in Milton/Alpharetta is Thompson Road. I ask myself, who are the builders of these communities on Thompson Road in Milton Georgia? How many homes in that community? Do the homes owners along Thomson Road, need, or would they enjoy knowing more, about what is going on around them? Well here it goes.

These are the communities along Thompson Road in Alpharetta.
The twist and turns, the developing that is on going and the established communities that so many call home.

At the beginning or end, depending on which way you enter, there is the community of Nettlebrook Farms. Located off of Redd Road just east of Freemanville Road.

Nettlebrook Farms-Homes For Sale

Nettlebrook Farms is a community of 36 custom built homes ranging in price from 700,000 to over 1 million. Located in one of Fulton Counties most beautiful subdivision's. Large lots-split rail fences-gorgeous landscape. Homes 2 miles from New King's Ridge Private School plus Newer Fulton County High School and Middle School located on Freemanville Road.
Just a block or so to the north of Nettlebrook Farms is the community Hidden Valley Farms.

Hidden Valley Farms-Homes For Sale

Almost directly across the street but a bit north is Christophers Run.

Chrisophers Run-Homes For Sale

To the north again & on the right side of the street is a street called Scotlandwell. There is a lake in the back as well.

Back on Thompson Road and heading North you will pass a street on your left called East Bluff Road. This street winds north and around connecting to the North Valley community. I LOVE this area. My first impression of North Valley was a Switzerland Pasture feel. It felt so serene. Definitely a Valley feel and lakes/ponds to confirm it.

East Bluff connects to North Valleyfield Drive, Drumond Pond Road and resolves itself at the Beautiful Dinsmore Road. The same Dinsmore Road that connects to the Thompson Road we are traveling.

Back to East Bluff and Thompson, lets move north/east ahead to the next street, Country Ridge Road, which is on the right. The community of County Ridge.

Country Ridge-Homes For Sale

Moving North of Country Ridge Road we come to a street on the right (east) Tabbystone Pass.

After leaving Tabbystone Pass we travel North/East to the Community on the right Grass Valley.

Grass Valley-Homes For Sale

Back on Thompson Road and moving forward North we pass the Dinsmore Road on the left with the Neighborhoods of Laurel Grove, Wood Valley, Lake At North Valley, The Highlands At North Valley, Oak Manor, Blue Ridge Plantation, & the beautiful Alpharetta Country Club.

Laurel Grove-Homes For Sale

Wood Valley-Homes For Sale

North Valley-Homes For Sale

Lake at North Valley-Homes For Sale

The Highlands at North Valley-Homes For Sale

Blue Ridge Plantation-Homes For Sale

Oak Manor-Homes For Sale

Before coming to the Hopewell Road intersection you will notice the Fire station # 10 serving the Milton/Alpharetta area.

As you approach the Hopewell Road/Thompson Road intersection,you will come to a stop sign and notice that you cannot simply drive straight. You must of coarse cross safely but also cleverly make a swift left and then a quick right to continue along this winding journey called Thompson Road.

Hopewell Road separates the 2 areas of Thompson Road. I call it the west side and east side. We are now ready to venture onto the east side. Lets continue, we are half way there.

The first street you will see on your left is Burgess Road.

Directly across the street is Bell Memorial Park located on Hopewell Park Road.

Back on Thompson Road and now bearing more east than north is a community called Thompson Springs.

Thompson Springs-Homes For Sale

After Thompson Springs, on your left, is Stonebrook Farms Drive. The community of Stonebrook Farms has a small creek running behind it called Chicken Creek.

Stonebrook Farms-Homes For Sale

Back out to Thompson road and just a bit past Stonebrook is a street on the left called Rolly Drive.

After Rolly Drive and on the same side of the street is Alpharetta Woods. A community with just 2 streets. Alpharetta woods drive and Thomas Creek Court.

Alpharetta Woods-Homes For Sale

Continuing along Thompson but actually heading south east is a street on the right, Watboro Hill Drive, Oakridge On The Green.

Oakridge On The Green-Homes For Sale

Just past Oakridge On the Green on the same side of the street is an entrance to Champions View. The street is Champions Club Drive.

Champions View-Homes For Sale

Directly across from Champions View is Stonehedge. Stonehedge also has only 2 streets. One called Little Stone Way and the other Stone Orchard Court.

Stonehedge-Homes For Sale

Last but not least, back on Thompson Road and actually heading south towards Francis Road, you will come to the community on your left Bentgrass Farms. Not to be confused with Bentgrass Farms II located north of this Bentgrass Farms.

Bentgrass Farms-Homes For Sale

Thanks for following me on this Journey of Thompson Road. There is currently a new Community being developed and more to come.